Thursday, 28 September

How to attract a lady without saying a word

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Smile, smell good and keep clean

In recent times, men have sought several ways through which they can attract girls without having to go through the hustle of doing so much to win her heart.

Did you know there are some ways you can attract a lady without opening your mouth to express interest in the lady in question?

If you are someone who was pondering on how to get that cute lady to fall for you but have no idea how to express yourself, then this is the best article to read.

I will be giving you some simple tips on how to attract a lady without saying a word.

1. Maintain Eye Contact

Ladies are usually attracted to men who are able to maintain great eye contact with them.

If you are a guy who is shy to get close to a lady you like then maintaining eye contact is the best option.

Whenever your gazes synchronise, do well to smile after a few seconds.

This is to show you actually have eyes for her.

2. Look Good

Looking good in this context doesn’t necessarily mean dressing in an expensive outfit.

It simply means dress an outfit that suits your physique.

Always try to look your best when you are around your crush.

In a normal sense, everyone is attracted to a person who dresses very well.

Ladies are no exception.

3. Smell Good

Ladies are attracted to men who wear great perfumes.

If you really want to attract a lady you are yearning to be in a relationship with, then use make it a point to smell really good.