Tuesday, 18 June

How to deal with choking

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Dealing with choking


You need to read and master this topic because some of you will surely get choked during these few eating days (Christmas).

Choking can kill within a few minutes, hence, the need for managing it.

 What is Choking?

Choking is the blockage of the airway or windpipe by an object.

The blockage could be partial or complete.

 Signs and Symptoms of Choking

1. Person unable to cough or breath

2. The one grab or hold the throat

3. Skin colour changes to blue or dark

4. Person becomes unconscious

 Causes of Choking

1. Eating while talking, any other solid objects

2. Drinking alcohol before or during eating, alcohol dulls the nerves that help you to swallow

3. Walking, playing, or running with an object in the mouth

4. Trying to swallow large pieces of food that are poorly chewed

5. Wearing dentures(false teeth) dentures makes it difficult to sense the side of food when chewing and swallowing

 Managing Choking for Adults

1. Ask the person to cough

2. Bend the person forward and give four(4) slaps between the shoulder blades with the heel of

your hand

3. Stand behind the person.

Interlock and clench your fist below the person's rib cage

4. If the victim is alone, the dining hall chair can be used, put your stomach on top of the chair

and press downwards trying to reach the stands of the chair. Repeat till objects come out

 Managing Choking for a Baby

1. Lay the person along your forearm with face downwards

2. Support the head and shoulder

3. Give four(4) light slap between the shoulder blades

4. Sweep the mouth with one finger

 Managing Choking for a Child

1. Place the child across your thigh, with the head lower

2. Give four(4) light slap between the shoulders

3. Sweep the mouth with one finger 





Source: Institute for Leadership and Strategic Management Africa