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How to know and manage the symptoms of Menopause

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Knowing and managing menopause

Symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, headaches, and dryness in the vagina which does not make sexual encounters enjoyable.

 Others are irritable and dislike what they usually enjoy. 

They see themselves as wasting and not attractive anymore.

 All these feelings contribute to how they react to their husbands and others around them.

Usually if menopause is not too early, the symptoms are not severe, and, which means they are manageable without seeking much help.

In many women, however, that is not the case.

Those who experience menopause suddenly and too early can be helped with hormonal treatment to continue menstruating again until later when it may not cause many problems. 

Men should be the best helpers of their wives during this period of change.

They should learn about the symptoms and understand their partners to reduce what the women may term as neglect because of their age.

They need to be encouraged to do recreational activities and social work if they are engaged in church or Islamic activities.

Others should render services to the less privileged in the community by teaching them.

Others should be engaged in backyard farming, and writing stories and books.

These extra activities do not allow them to think about their symptoms too much.

Source: Kwasi Adu