Saturday, 02 March

Kelewele melts me’ but I’m a bad cook – French Amb.

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Anne Sophie Ave

French Ambassador Anne Sophie Ave has said she is a terrible cook, adding that her children hate it when she cooks for them.

“If I have to cook for you, it will take me two weeks to learn some cooking moves, which, if prepared, will not jell with you”, she told Nana Romeo on Accra100.5FM’s mid-morning show Ayekoo Ayekoo on Wednesday, 8 December 2021.

“Even within those two weeks, I have to constantly call my mother to give me all the needed guidelines for cooking to no avail”, she said.

“In spite of all these, if I cook, my children don’t like it, so, I have stopped cooking”, she told Nana Romeo.  

“So, anytime there is a programme to cook, my children will suggest we do deliveries”, she added.

Asked if she has any favourite Ghanaian cuisine, she said: “I have tasted Ghana's Jollof rice and I think I like it but Kelewale melts me”.

“If I’m full and you bring me Kelewale, I will eat it. I like the crispy nature of Kelewele”, she noted.

Source: Mensah