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Marriage not about succulent breasts and six-packs – Lady Oduro

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Rev. Lady Charlotte Oduro

Rev. Lady Charlotte Oduro, a marriage counsellor has reminded would-be couples to learn to spice up their relationship to make their marriage better.

“In marriage, you need to spice up yourself to cope with any situation because mistakes are bound to come,” she averred.

“As a woman in marriage, you cannot hold your breast upright all the time because it will sag at a point after childbirth, so, what becomes of a husband who loves succulent breast?”

“In the same vein, if you are a woman who yearns for six-packs, what becomes of your husband if he is incapacitated?” she questioned.      

She said, “young men and ladies must know that marriage is not all about succulent breasts or six-packs, as many of them on the streets have been made to believe over the years.”  

Mrs Oduro noted that young people these days are fixated with the pomp and pageantry of weddings, thinking that marriage is all about partying.

The wife of Rev. Solomon  Oduro, the head of Royal Victory Church gave this advice in an interview on Accra100.5FM’s morning show Ghana Yensom on Thursday, 6 January 2021.

She explained: “The bridal party is all about partying but marriage is not about partying because it comes with some difficulties, mistakes, sacrifices among others.”

She stressed that young people need skills and abilities to deal with marriage difficulties.

“The realities of marriage are different from partying, where friends are readily available to join,” she noted, adding that “marriage is not the same because friends will be nowhere when the stark realities start playing up.” 

“Many a time, young people think that once you acquire wealth such as cars, a house then they are ready for marriage, which is not the case,” she said.

Marriage, in her view, “is the readiness to find yourself within yourself to be able to survive the difficulties”.

She observed that many marriages are failing because young people are not able to survive the difficulties of the union.



Source: Mensah