Monday, 22 July

Girl cuts village power supply to meet lover, villagers get them married

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A girl from Bihar’s Bettiah would cut off the power supply of her entire village to meet her boyfriend in the dark. 

Priti would do it every time to meet Rajkumar under the cover of darkness but the affair finally came to light after the couple was caught red-handed by the villagers.

Rajkumar’s affair with Priti Kumari had caused tension between the two villages in West Champaran for a week. 

The villagers were troubled by the frequent power cuts before realising what was actually causing them.

“Priti used to cut off the electricity of the village every night due to which many thefts were reported in the village. We were troubled by that girl,” a villager, Govinda Chaudhary, told India Today.

Disturbed over frequent power cuts in the village, the villagers also complained to the electricity department multiple times, but in vain.

The villagers decided to find out the reason behind the crisis and the next time the lights went off in the village, they caught Rajkumar and Priti together, leaving them shocked.

The villagers thrashed the young man, following which he called his gang and attacked the villagers. A video, now viral on social media, shows Rajkumar being beaten with sticks by villagers and his girlfriend trying to save him.

One of the videos shows a group of boys asking Preeti, “Kon hai ye? Video banao. (Who is he? Record the act). The girl, however, remains defiant and saves Rajkumar from the gang.

Later on, people from the two villages took the initiative and suggested Rajkumar marry Priti. Finally, their wedding was solemnised at a local temple.

Source: India Today