Friday, 25 June

Portuguese street artist creates mind-blowing graffiti illusions

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Portuguese street artist Odeith is widely considered the pioneer of anamorphic graffiti, and looking at his latest works, many would say he is still ahead of the curve.

Seen from all but the perfect angle, Odeith’s anamorphic masterpieces look strange and distorted, but when properly aligned with the artwork viewers are treated to larger-than-life creations that seem ready to leap off of their concrete canvas. Take the artist’s latest project, a realistic-looking wrecked bus spray-painted on a giant concrete block. Unless you saw the “before” photo, you could swear that was a real bus.

Spay-painting on differently-angled surfaces and corners, Odeith is able to create some truly stunning optical illusions, like giant spiders and other insects that look ready to lash out at prey, or elaborate lettering that appears to float in midair.

“I was kind of tired of the conventional regular 3D letters, so I was always searching for something original, this was till I got the first leg from one of letters coming out of the wall, making a cool effect. Since then I’m always trying to reach a new level,” Odeith said about his anamorphic art.

Although he still does freehand work, the Portuguese artist says that whenever he is working on an elaborate project he firsts uses a computer to do a preview of the artwork, before starting work on the wall. It makes sense, considering how accurate you have to be to nail something this complex.

Odeith has been making graffiti art since the 1990s and is constantly honing his art, not only remaining relevant but also becoming an inspiration for aspiring graffiti artists.


Source: David Apinga