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Are bigwigs in Ghana showbiz afraid to support budding acts or it’s wickedness? – Ahmed A. Kollene (The Blaq Pen) writes

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Music is food for the soul and there are no two ways about that because many lives depend on music and entertainment at large. Music has been part of our daily lives at homes, churches, offices, parties, sports event etc., and without music, these places cannot function well enough.

In politics, music serves as one of the most powerful tools, especially during campaigns, to convince individuals to vote for one political party or another.

The music industry today, is extremely competitive. It takes sheer industriousness and focus to make significant strides. For young, talented musicians in Ghana, the challenge is even compounded by the financial cost in making music. Without strong management, young musicians have a hard time getting recognition both in terms of airplay and stage appearances.

The difficulties that young musicians go through in the showbiz industry can be discouraging. As a journalist and lover of music, it’s heartbreaking to see talented musicians suffer so much just to fill our souls and to put food on their table.

In my own little contribution toward developing such talents, I have hosted a couple of such young musicians on my platform 'The Big Show' on Class91.3FM. It is such a fulfilling enterprise anytime I get the chance to engage such young people.

Sometimes, all that most of these young artistes need is a promotional post from the bigger artistes to put them in the spotlight but no one seems to care enough. Unless the artiste is from their camp or are friends, help may never come. This phenomenon has led to many talents simply giving up on their dreams and careers in music.

I, sometimes, wonder why the big acts prefer to support and share headless and ‘no-talent’ individuals who shot to fame by doing something silly. I wonder why some traditional media houses give these same people platforms to promote vain, uninspiring content. For most media houses, they would only give young talents the opportunity when they have a hit song to their name.

Surprisingly, the likes of Shatta Bundle, Ablekuma Nana Lace, Supa and others continue to receive support while the more talented ones are left to suffer their way up. The media must stop entertaining these so-called social media celebrities and push the good works of these young acts.

The industry will be more successful and attractive when artistes show love and appreciate one another’s works.

A lot of young acts give up, some turn to drugs, drunkenness, theft and, sometimes, even depression due to lack of support. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Nigeria, the big acts appear more supportive by sharing and posting the works of their fellows, and more especially budding musicians.

I ask again then; what is it? Fear or sheer wickedness? For most media houses, they are just in for the commercial gains and, therefore, have no interest in supporting young artistes. It is, therefore, up to the successful ones to help and push young talents, not necessarily financially, but through common gestures like sharing their works on bigger platforms.

Bloggers, radio & TV hosts etc., tend to promote negative stories for their commercial viability. There are just a handful that support these young folks without a penny. I can set aside the likes of Andy Dosty of Hitz FM, Sammy Flex of Zylofon FM, Nana Kwesi Asare of Class91.3FM, Dr Pounds of Hitz FM and Abeiku Sanatana of Okay FM for always pushing these young musicians without expectations.

We have had a number of showbiz lovers bitterly complain about how folks in the showbiz industry are not supportive of one another, especially the young talented artistes.

We have artistes who have been around relatively long enough but still need the big acts to post and feature them on their songs, social media pages etc., just to be heard but they will never do it. They are often left depressed, sad and, sometimes, agitated. So, I am left to wonder all the time. What is it; fear or wickedness?

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