Tuesday, 25 February

Banking sector clean up: Take note and prepare thyself

Feature Article
Richard Kumadoe, Fraud & Security Consultant

I hope the students of banking and finance have taken notice of the banking and financial sector reforms currently underway.

I hope the law students and corporate lawyers have equally taken judicial notice of the legal regimes that banks have operated in over the years and they are willing and prepared to add their knowledge to the reforms to improve the otherwise fragile systems and to enhance it.

I hope the recruitment agencies have taken notice of how less privileged and unfortunate their recruits are in the face of the banking and financial turmoil and how it will negatively affect their fortunes at both ends.

I hope and believe the entrepreneurs have also taken notice of the large numbers coming home and combing the streets without jobs and daily income and therefore the need to create personal businesses and run them effectively is becoming more important than the pervasive culture of working for people whose grandparents you don’t really know.

I hope the law enforcement agencies have taken notice of how unemployment fuels high-level crimes and how criminal recruitments can become easier for terrorists and organised crime groups, and are prepared for strategic manoeuvring to keep our streets safe and secured.

I hope the politicians have learnt how their actions and inactions can have profitable and negative inference on the balanced scorecard and are determined to behave themselves professionally to address the challenging issues that affect the masses before it gets out of hand and shakes the streets of Makola and Kajetia.

I hope and believe the church leaders are watching closely to observe the laxity and the less prevailing prayers among the saints and how the devil is busily planning on how to close down the places of worship, so they can cry unto the most-high God for answers.

I believe and hope journalists and media houses are reporting the issues and the actual facts as accurately and professionally as possible in a manner that educates and inform the general public of the repercussions and the way forward.

I hope and believe we are all seeing the need for unity and purposeful living that promotes togetherness and energies us unto goodness and greatness 

May God help our cause and make us great and strong so we can stand firmly on a shaking ground without fear and panic!

‘Tsuaa Omanye Aba’

Source: Richard Kumadoe, Fraud & Security Consultant