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Open letter to John Dramani Mahama

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John Mahama

Dear John Dramani Mahama, 

I come before you with all humility and respect. I also wish you a happy father's day. You have been a blessing unto many, far and near. 

There are some concerns l need to raise, as a matter of urgency, and l hope you will take it in good faith and also alert your campaign team to do so. It has to do with the creative arts sector/industry. 

It's no doubt that you truly love the creative arts sector/industry and under your regime, you made some great strides within the industry. I know many will wonder what exactly you did for the industry, which are very remarkable and tangible. 

1-  It was under your regime that we had, for the first time, a creative arts personality becoming a deputy minister at the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

2- First-ever recognition and elevation of the creative arts sector by renaming the Tourism Ministry as Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts. 

3- Under your regime, you assented to the National Film Authority Bill after it was passed by Parliament to become an Act (Act 935) on the 16th of December 2016. 

4- The NDC also gave GHS2 million to support the first-ever music research project dubbed: "A comprehensive study of the music sector in Ghana."

5- Completed the construction of the Accra Visitors Information Centre (AVIC) as a one-stop-shop information unit for the sector. 

6- Established the Tourism Development Fund and directed that it be used to facilitate the financing of tourism, culture and the creative arts programmes for the development of the sector. 

Just to mention but a few. 

This, indeed, is a mark of true leadership and knowing what you have under your sleeves, l pray it comes to pass. 

Mr John Dramani Mahama, l am sad that all these wonderful achievements are neither touted by your communication team nor the creative arts players within the party but rather some sought to insult and disrespect industry players and spewed ills against them.

With humility, l wish you take quick action on this matter and advise on the way forward. I’m not here to mention names but if you do not stop these communicators, they will hurt the relationship you have built with the creative arts sector/industry in general.  

This year's elections are about issues, not insults. The creative arts sector is waiting to hear what your manifesto has for the industry and what your plans are should you be elected by the electorate to lead this very great nation.

Kojo Preko Dankwa 

[email protected]


Source: Kojo Preko Dankwa