Monday, 06 July

Security and democracy in Africa

Feature Article
Richard Kumadoe

Security and democratic governance are identical twins and they should and must be made to sleep together side by side.   Security is what helps all democratic governments to consolidate their gains and its sustainability.

The world is experiencing serious security challenges, from the north to the south, from west to the east. Security breaches and ramifications are all over to be addressed.

So therefore it’s proper to reason and conclude that most governments in Africa and most parts of the world face a constant threat of attacks including an overthrow, terrorism, drug trafficking,kidnapping and human trafficking.

It’s a daily hassle by Democratic governments across the globe so there is no point crying loud and tearing yourself apart when there is a breach. Governments must and should be working hard to ensure security and safety for their nations, the business community and the citizenry. keep the streets safe and clean and continue with their daily task of governing and leave the citizens alone to continue drinking their cups of tea.

Some old women and men upon hearing news about a coup d'état in Africa and or any part of the world can easily collapse and die due to its negative effects and repercussions on humanity. Security should be taken seriously and governance must be taken even more seriously to create a perfect balance and marriage between the two which impacts everybody in the ecosystem proficiently.

Tsuaa Omanye Aba!  

The writer is a Fraud & Security Consultant

Source: Richard Kumadoe