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The abandoned danger on the Suhum-Koforidua road

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On the popular Koforidua - Suhum highway, in the Eastern Region

Road accidents are sometimes overlooked, however, when it comes to the causes of death in Ghana, road carnage cannot be ruled out.

Despite institutions that are in charge of road maintenance such as the Ghana Highway Authority and the Department of Feeder and Urban Road, there are still lapses in the country’s road network.

Road markings are the language motorists use when plying the road.

They help the driver know whether he is driving in or outside his lane. 

On the popular Koforidua-Suhum highway in the Eastern Region, between Nankese-Ningo in the Suhum Municipality and Akwadum in the New Juaben North Municipality, the road markings are not visible to motorists, as they have been wiped off.

This is, indeed, very dangerous and can lead to accidents.

On Saturday, 3 December 2022, at about 8:30 PM, I was aboard an Accra–Koforidua van. The driver, Samuel Sanmortey, was driving close to the bush and when I enquired why, he disclosed that the road markings, demarcating the road had been wiped off, thus, he was driving close to the bush in order to avoid another vehicle running into his or vice-versa.

“I am carrying a lot of people and I can’t let someone from nowhere drive into my vehicle and kill the passengers. It’s better to die alone than involve all the passengers, so, permit me to drive like that,” he responded.

Our leaders must begin to take the road sector seriously and fix the various challenges.

A lot of accidents that occur on these roads may not be a result of the carelessness of drivers. If the road markings that guide the driver while using the road are wiped off, how then does the driver navigate his way?

Interacting with the Eastern Regional Director of the National Road Safety Authority, Mr Dennis Yeribu, he stressed that per defensive driving procedures, drivers are expected to move at minimal safe speed particularly when road conditions have deteriorated.

Road markings and road signs are essential to road safety.

It is prudent that when resources are available, the authorities also play their part. 

He cautioned motorists that while the agencies and the government work on fixing the problem on the Suhum-Koforidua road, motorists exercise caution, adhere to speed limits and drive defensively. 

Also, residents of the various communities must avoid constructing speed-calming obstacles and seek appropriate intervention from the Ghana Highways Authority and Department of Urban and Feeder Roads.

Source: Kamal