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Why Ghanaians should take advantage of online sales promos

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Online shopping festival

It’s Saturday morning and mummy or granny has to go to the market to buy foodstuff for that regular weekend fufu ritual.

She also has to stock up groceries and essential items for the rest of the week/month.

In the more urban communities, the house help or aide is sent to visit the mall or supermarket to purchase all items needed.

The hustle of looking for a parking space, dealing with long queues, not having ample time to compare prices and even the stress of driving back and forth through traffic can be overwhelming.

Throw in the rampant increases in fuel prices and one may end up being discouraged.

However, at the end of the day, we all need to shop. Have you ever tried shopping online?

There are regular online shops and deals all year round while there are special online promotions.

It is imperative that more Ghanaians take advantage of these online sales promos in these times to save money. Here are 5 reasons why.

Special discounts - Apart from clearance sales, it is rare to find any shop that has more than 50% discounts running anywhere in this world.

However, with online sales promotions, you may come across up to 90% discounts. Massive deals everywhere. Online shops are at liberty to tweak prices to ensure that consumers have the freedom to buy whatever they want while saving. These deals are also available 24/7 and consumers can buy whatever they want at any time of the day. A typical example is the Black Friday sale by online retail platform Jumia where there are a plethora of top quality items from various brands that go for up to 80% throughout the month of November. Currently, the e-commerce platform is running a sale called the Ghana Shopping Festival and warming up to Tech Week. a sale that runs from 20th March to 27th March 2022.

Freebies and opportunities to win - Apart from top deals and discounts, online sales promos also come with super amazing freebies.

These may come in many forms. From "buy one get one free", getting a gift item after shopping beyond a certain threshold, free deliveries, cash backs and many more.

Some online shops have also come up with fun and engaging activities that enable consumers to interact with their apps and websites while winning amazing prizes.

For instance, Jumia runs a treasure hunt and daily flash sales where consumers play exciting games and can get some great items for free. Why not take advantage of such rewarding promos?

Faster and easier buying - When time is running out and you need to buy a dozen items in a few minutes, can you move from shop to shop in a few minutes comparing prices and brands?

With online sales promos, you have the advantage of surfing through different shops and comparing prices. Also, it is easier and more convenient because you get to buy your desired products with just a few clicks.

You get these items also delivered to you at your doorstep or you get to pick from a pickup station closer to you. 

Good source of information - Did you know that sometimes it is extremely difficult for consumers to get information about the products and services of their favourite shops? Online sales promos serve as the perfect opportunity for many consumers to learn a lot about where they buy from.

They get to interact with apps and websites through games, speak to customer service reps a lot, interact with delivery agents and even sometimes visit the offices of these online platforms. During such sales promos as well, there is heavy investment from the online shops into marketing, advertising and PR.

From radio, Tv, print, online, billboards, events etc, consumers learn more and more about deals, discounts, freebies and all other relevant things.

E-commerce or online shopping is growing rapidly in Ghana and Ghanaians must really take advantage of it. The advantages go far beyond the above stated and with improving technology as well as major innovations, it is becoming increasingly clear that online sales promos are the best ways to save and enjoy convenience.

Source: Benet Otoo, Jumia