Saturday, 20 April

Budumburam: Pregnant woman crushed to death by rubble during demolition exercise

Ruins after demolition

A tragic incident unfolded in Gomoa Budumburam where a pregnant woman lost her life and her two-year-old son is in critical condition following a house demolition during a mass eviction exercise. 

The victim, identified only as Serwaa, tragically succumbed to her injuries after being rushed to St Gregory Hospital, while her son fights for survival at the same facility.

Eyewitnesses reported that Serwaa was asleep in her room when the demolition commenced, catching her and her family off guard. 

The mass eviction exercise was initiated by the Traditional Authorities at Gomoa Fetteh, who oversee the land, about a month ago after the government returned the Gomoa Budumburam lands to them. 

These lands were initially allocated to Liberian refugees during the Liberian war for resettlement.

Stephen Gyamera, the landlord of the demolished house, expressed shock at the incident, noting that other residents were unaware of Serwaa's presence in her room during the demolition. 

Other residents said the demolition had been ongoing for over a month, leaving thousands of citizens and Liberian refugees homeless, including women and children. 

Despite the widespread displacement, there has been no official statement from government authorities regarding the situation.