Friday, 23 February

Dismissed judge sues CJ, AG

Judges' wig book and glasses

A Jasikan Circuit Court judge who was recently dismissed for misconduct, malicious prosecution and abuse of power, has sued the Judicial Service, Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornoo and Attorney General Godfred Dame in an attempt to reverse his removal.

Mr Alfred Kwabena Asiedu is praying the court to declare that his removal from office, "as contained in the letter signed by the 2nd Respondent [Chief Justice] dated 13th November 2023, is unlawful.”

Also, Mr Asiedu wants a declaration that both the Disciplinary Committee and the Judicial Council "acted ultra vires" when they made a finding of malicious prosecution against him.

He is also praying for "a declaration that the said findings of the two bodies are patent error of law on the face of record and same liable to be quashed by the supervisory powers of this court.”

According to the dismissal letter, the former judge caused the arrest and prosecution of a petitioner, Singari Diana Sadia, 'without justification".

Prior to the suit, Mr Alfred Kwabena Asiedu, refuted the claims against him, denouncing them as false and products of an "illusioned imagination".

In a letter to the Judicial Service, Mr Asiedu asserted that "every material allegation made in the petition is false and clearly made out [of] the figment of the illusioned imagination of the petitioner." 

He further denied any solicitation of money from the petitioner.

Judge Asiedu suggested that his investigations revealed a collaboration between the petitioner and a staff member from the Dambai District Court in formulating the petition against him. 

He expressed concern that the staff of the Complaint Unit played a role in facilitating the petition, emphasising discrepancies in the covering letter and dispatch of the petition based on his checks.

“My checks indicate that the petitioner was aided by a staff of the Dambai District Court to make this petition and the staff of the Complaint Unit unfortunately played along with them. I have come to believe the result of my checks from how the covering letter on the Petition is couched and the Petition despatched to me.”

The petitioner wrote to the Chief Justice on January 16, accusing the judge of abuse of power, sexual exploitation, malicious prosecution, and impropriety.

She claimed the judge had an affair with her in exchange for a favourable ruling in a divorce case between her and her husband.

When things turned sour between them, she said the judge threatened to have her remanded for two weeks, jailed for 10 years and her five-year-old daughter taken from her custody.