Wednesday, 22 May

Fire roasts CMB to ashes

A blaze at Katamanto, Accra

A devastating fire has ravaged multiple shops situated behind Kantamanto in Accra, causing extensive damage to goods valued at millions of Ghanaian cedis.

The origin of the fire, which ignited at approximately 5:00 am on Sunday, remains undisclosed. 

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) dispatched firefighters to the scene, but the fire had already engulfed numerous shops upon their arrival.

According to ADO1 Alex Nartey, a Public Relations Officer of the GNFS, various flammable objects were discovered at the fire site, compounding the challenge faced by responders.

By the time the blaze was successfully extinguished, numerous shops had been completely reduced to ashes. 

Despondent traders expressed their frustration and despair, lamenting the loss of their livelihoods.

The GNFS has issued advice to traders, urging them to exercise caution with electrical appliances and refrain from storing flammable materials within their shops.

This incident marks the second significant fire outbreak at the CMB market in recent years, following a similar devastating incident in 2020, during which over 200 shops were destroyed.