Friday, 23 February

Road tolls: We paid physically challenged out of generosity after cessation – Minister

Kwesi Amoako Atta, Minister for Roads and Highways

Following the government's decision to suspend toll collection in 2021, the Ministry of Roads and Highways took measures to address concerns raised by physically challenged toll workers.

To show support, the Ministry extended the payment of an additional two months' salary to the workers beyond the cessation of toll collection.

Despite this initiative, physically challenged toll workers are now appealing to the government for the disbursement of some promised salaries. 

These funds are vital for them as startup capital for new employment opportunities in the aftermath of the suspension of toll collection.

Expressing frustration over what they perceive as unfulfilled promises, the toll workers staged a protest at the Roads Ministry last month. 

Their primary goal was to secure an audience with the sector Minister to address the issue of unpaid salary arrears. 

unfortunately, this attempt did not yield the desired results leading to a few of them being manhandled and subsequently arrested by the police at the Ministry.

In response to statements regarding the matter, the Minister of Roads and Highways, Mr Kwasi Amoako-Atta, acknowledged the government's financial support to the physically challenged toll workers.

Describing the government's actions as generous, the Minister emphasised the efforts made to assist members of the group during the transitional period following the discontinuation of toll collection.

Commenting on the issue, Minority Chief Whip, Kwame Agbodza Governs, expressed disappointment with how the toll workers were treated during their pickey. 

He called on the Minister to take punitive actions against the perpetrators of such incidents

Source: Mensah