Thursday, 30 May

Train crash man jailed six months

Abel Dzidotor's truck parked on railway

Mr Abel Dzidotor, the driver accused of causing a train accident on the Tema-Mpakadan rail, has been sentenced to a six-month jail term.

He admitted he was guilty to three out of four charges.

Firstly, he was charged with careless driving. 

Secondly, he was accused of stopping his vehicle at an authorised place.

He was fined for both.

Thirdly, he was accused of causing damage to state property and sentenced to a six-month jail term.

Lastly, he was accused of not having a driver’s licence but he told the court the document was in the damaged truck and has been asked to produce it or face more trouble with the law.

Dzidzotor abandoned the truck on the rail track after it got stuck while returning from a delivery assignment.