Friday, 23 February

W/R: Body parts missing as grave-looting becomes commonplace in Takoradi

Grave looters hit Takoradi municipality

Tension and fear have gripped residents of Takoradi and its surroundings in the Western Region following disturbing reports of widespread grave looting in the area.

Numerous graves have reportedly been vandalised and looted at a cemetery, which shares a boundary with the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Depot. 

There are reports of missing body parts, intensifying concerns that these disturbing acts may be perpetrated for money ritual purposes.

The cemetery's proximity to the Ghana Armed Forces Depot adds an unsettling dimension to the reported incidents.

Confirming the incident, Abdul Karim Hudu, the Environmental Analyst at the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly (STMA), expressed his deep concern. 

After visiting the cemetery with his team, they counted over 30 graves that had been affected.

Mr Hudu emphasised that the STMA is taking immediate measures to prevent further damage and secure the cemetery.

“The place is bushy, so, we will weed and deploy security to monitor the area and deter miscreants". 

“Anyone caught engaging in such activities will face the full force of the law,” he sternly warned. 

The community is now on edge, awaiting the swift actions and security measures promised by the authorities to bring an end to this disturbing trend.

Source: Mensah