Monday, 17 June

We can't even buy sanitary pads: Ghanaian students on scholarship in Morocco demonstrate, cry over delayed stipend

A Ghanaian scholarship beneficiary bemoaning inability to buy sanitary pads

Some Ghanaian students in Morocco, under the Morocco scholarship programme, staged a protest on Friday, May 24, over delays in the release of their stipends. 

The demonstration took place at the Ghanaian Embassy in Morocco.

The students reported that the prolonged delay in receiving their stipends has led to significant hardships, including emotional distress and academic challenges, for those pursuing undergraduate, master's, and PhD degrees.

One female student told journalists she cannot even buy sanitary towels because of the situation and have to depend on her parents back home.

Another student said: "We are facing severe difficulties. Our landlords are evicting us, some of us are forced to sleep with friends, and others are even sleeping outside."

"Imagine sending your daughter to study in another country for 10 months without providing her with money for rent. How is she supposed to survive? Many of us are in debt, and some are experiencing depression. Recently, one student nearly committed suicide."

The protesting students are urging the government, the Ministry of Finance, and the Scholarship Secretariat to expedite the stipend disbursement process to prevent further suffering.

"This is not just noise or a story; this is our reality. Our lives are in danger. We are begging you, Mr. President, if you do not intervene, there will be blood on your hands," one distressed student pleaded.