Thursday, 30 May

ACP Agordzo, 8 other alleged coup plotters to know fate today

ACP Benjamin Agordzo

ACP Benjamin Agordzo and some others who have been standing trial for high treason, are billed to face judgment today, Wednesday, 24 January 2024, as the three-member panel is set to bring finality to the case.

In 2021, ACP Benjamin Agordzo, the late Dr. Mac Palm, and eight others faced charges of conspiracy to commit high treason and high treason.

The ten were arrested in 2019 after a police operation at the Citadel Hospital, linking them to an alleged plot to destabilise the country. The state presented 13 witnesses, including Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) officers.

During the trial, the state introduced video evidence depicting the accused individuals planning to destabilise the country, including an alleged scheme to manufacture ammunition. 

Despite the charges, all the accused persons pleaded not guilty and concluded their defences.

Dr. Mac Palm, in whose hospital the arrests occurred, had his testimony dismissed following his passing last year.

If found guilty, the accused persons could be sentenced to death.