Saturday, 13 July

Cecilia Dapaah still receives cash from dead brother's bank account – OSP says she used aliases to hide real estate business as minister

L-R: Special Prosecutor Kissi Agyebeng and former Sanitation Minister Cecilia Dapaah

Embattled former Sanitaion Minister Cecilia Dapaah still receives cash from her deceased brother's bank account, the Office of the Special Prosecutor has revealed in the latest document filed by the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

“Analysis of the statements in the first respondent’s Prudential Bank account number 0090924640014 highly suspicious transactions involving the name of the first respondent’s deceased brother – Nana Akwasi Essan", the document said.

"The said Nana Akwasi Essan died in January 2022 and there is no record domiciled at the financial institutions of probate or letters of administration granted to personal representatives)", it added.

The OSP said: "Strangely, there are active transfers from the deceased person’s bank account to that of the first respondent’s Prudential Bank account number 0090924640014".

"As recently as 19 September 2022 and 23 May 2023, amounts of Ten Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty cedis (GH¢10,450.00) and Eleven Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Thousand cedis (GH¢11,280.00) respectively were transferred, supposedly by the deceased brother to the first respondent", the OSP noted.

The Special Prosecutor also disclosed that Ms Dapaah uses aliases to conceal transactions from undeclared real estate business.

“The OSP’s criminal intelligence further suggested that the first respondent, as a Minister of State, was engaged in an undisclosed and undeclared real estate business in which she obscured and concealed the transactions by employing the use of aliases to avoid detection of the actual ownership of the business and properties, while cleverly receiving the proceeds of the transactions in her bank accounts and investments.”

The document also revealed that “criminal intelligence suggested that the first respondent had unexplained large cash sums of money (far above her income as a Minister of State) secreted and stashed up in her residence; and that her house-helps had allegedly helped themselves to part of said sums of money through larceny.”