Thursday, 30 May

Kasoa ritual murder: We bludgeoned, knocked victim out with cement block, buried him alive – Accused person tells court

Felix Nyarko and Nicholas Kini

The primary accused person in the alleged murder of 13-year-old Ishmael Abdallah at Kasoa in the Central Region, Felix Nyarko, has recounted the events that unfolded three years ago.

Addressing the court under oath, Felix disclosed the disturbing details of how they lured the deceased into an unfinished building, where he was subjected to severe beatings with a stick, struck on the head with a cement block, and ultimately buried while still alive.

While Felix pleaded not guilty to the murder charge, he admitted, in his defence, to being complicit in the killing along with the second accused person.

He narrated that the motive behind the murder was rooted in a desire for financial gain, sparked by an advertisement he saw on Lucky TV. 

The advert, hosted by a woman, suggested that with GH¢5,000, one could achieve wealth.

Upon consulting Nicholas Kini, the second accused, they decided to involve a fetish priest who required not only the GH¢5,000 but also a human sacrifice.

Felix recounted that Kini proposed using the deceased, considering him a close friend. Initially planning a kidnapping with a ransom demand of GH¢5,000 from the boy's parents, their plot was thwarted during the failed attempt.

Despite the kidnapping failure, Felix detailed how the deceased was eventually invited to the incomplete building and killed as part of the sinister scheme.