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Police probes Agradaa for allegedly scamming church members in another money-doubling scandal

Nana Agradaa is again under police probe for the same alleged money-doubling offence

The Ghana Police Service, via social media, has informed the public that the Service is investigating money-doubling scam allegations raised against Patricia Asiedua also known as Nana Agradaa.

On Sunday, 9 October 2022, the official account of the police tweeted that it was investigating Patricia Asiedua popularly known as Nana Agradaa over an "alleged money-doubling scam".

In subsequent tweets, the Service added: “The police has commenced investigations into an alleged money-doubling scam allegedly perpetrated against some members of the Heaven Way Church in Weija, Accra, by the founder of the church Patricia Asiedua".

“The investigation was initiated following reports that have come to the attention of the police on the matter".

“We would like to urge anyone with information that can assist the investigation to report to the Accra Regional Police Command at Accra Central close to the COCOBOD building".

“While the investigation continues, we urge everyone, especially those who might have been affected, to remain calm and not take the law into their own hands.”

Formerly a fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa, nicknamed Mama Pat, in April 2021, announced a conversion to Christianity, after which she immediately began to introduce herself as an official Evangelist of the faith.

In 2022, however, after noting with displeasure that people did not accord her the fear-laden reverence she was used to when she was an African Traditional Religion spiritual leader, she announced she was returning to the Agradaa era.

“I’m going back to take the Agradaa [Akan for thunder and lightning] because you’ve been fooling since I became Mama Pat,” she said.

“So from 2 August, the Agradaa is coming back. The Agradaa part 2 is coming back,” she alerted.

Despite this, it must be noted she said nothing about relinquishing her Christian leadership position and work.

Rather, she indicated she was ready to take on the title “Reverend Agradaa.”

During her days as Nana Agradaa, she had a spiritual service nicknamed ‘Sika Gari’.

She claimed to have powers to double money, causing it to multiple in a fashion similar to the abundance of the grains of gari.

Recently, it is reported she told her church members they would be beneficiaries of this ‘Sika Gari’ spiritual service.

She is said to have promised on TV to give away GHS300,000 to her congregation with the assurance they would experience a doubling of whatever money they individually gave her.

The news travelled and on Saturday, 8 October 2022, drew many people to her Heaven Way Church.

After receiving the monies from the eager congregation, Mama Pat allegedly shut the church doors after her sermon and run away leaving her distraught victims stranded at the church premises in Weija, Accra. 


Source: Benjamin