Wednesday, 21 February

Side chick loses case against sugar daddy banker

Side Chick and enstranged lover the banker

The Accra High Court has dismissed the legal complaint brought by Deborah Seyram Adablah, in which she accused a former Chief Finance Officer of a bank of sexual harassment.

In the ruling delivered today, November 28, 2023, the court, presided over by Justice John Bosco Nabarese, determined that while the relationship between Adablah and the former CFO was considered immoral and contrary to societal norms, there were insufficient legal grounds for the case presented by Ms Adablah.

The court hesitated to endorse a relationship based on immoral acts, stating, “You cannot recover the price of something you have committed into an immoral act.”

Consequently, Ms Adablah has been ordered to pay a fine of GH¢10,000.

This decision follows an application filed by the former Chief Finance Officer, urging the court to dismiss Adablah’s case.

Filed on January 23, 2023, Miss Adablah’s lawsuit claimed that Ernest Kwasi Nimako, her “sugar daddy,” had made numerous promises to her.

Allegedly, Mr Nimako had agreed to purchase a car for Ms Adablah, cover her accommodation for three years, provide a monthly stipend of GH¢3,000, marry her after divorcing his wife, and offer a lump sum to start a business.

Ms Adablah contended that although the car was initially registered in Nimako’s name, he reclaimed it after just one year, depriving her of its use.

Additionally, she claimed Nimako only fulfilled one year of accommodation expenses, despite committing to three years.

In her legal action, Ms Adablah sought a court order for Mr Nimako to transfer the car’s title into her name and return the vehicle to her.

She also requested that the court compel Nimako to pay the agreed-upon lump sum for starting a business and cover her medical expenses resulting from a family planning treatment he recommended.

Source: Mensah