Monday, 06 July

Spain: Ghanaian stabs Ghanaian in meat factory

Bloody knife

A Ghanaian domiciled in Spain has been picked up by the security authorities in the European country after he allegedly killed another Ghanaian in a meat factory they both work at, the Ghana Embassy in Madrid has said in a release.
According to the statement, the suspect, identified only as Michael K., 36 years old, on 24 September 2019 killed Yunairu M. following an altercation between them at their meat-producing factory and workplace in Riba-Roja, Valencia.
The suspect, according to information disclosed by the mission, stabbed the victim in the neck with one of the knives used at their workplace.
He was pronounced dead by the emergency medical services upon their arrival at the scene.
The information further indicated that the two Ghanaians had been at engaging in frequent arguments for some time now, which culminated in a heated exchange at their workplace a little after 3 am on the day in question.
Their co-workers claim they heard shouts from Michael and Yunairu as they fought and were on the verge of separating them when a sharp knife was pulled by the suspect to stab the victim.

The court has remanded the suspect after examining the police report and taking his statement. He is currently in custody awaiting trial. The police authorities proceeded to notify the embassy officials after the arrest.
The Ghana mission said it is still gathering information on the incident and will keep the public the public informed.