Friday, 19 July

Bueman SHS faces severe infrastructure deficiencies

Buem SHS students crowded in class

Bueman Senior High School, a beacon of hope for over three thousand students, is grappling with severe infrastructure deficiencies, hindering its mission to provide quality education. Despite being a model school in the region, the institution is plagued by inadequate learning facilities and deteriorating infrastructure, reflecting the broader challenges faced by many public schools in Ghana.

Essential infrastructure is critical for ensuring quality education and producing capable graduates. However, Bueman Senior High lacks the fundamental facilities necessary for a conducive learning environment. The school is without functional laboratories for practical lessons, a library that remains empty, a computer lab devoid of computers, and an acute shortage of desks. Existing structures are either in a deplorable state or fall below acceptable standards, contributing to a less-than-ideal educational experience.

The situation is exacerbated by the absence of proper sanitary facilities. With more than three thousand students, the school’s lack of adequate toilets forces students to use nearby bushes, posing serious health risks and compromising their dignity. This dire scenario violates the students' right to education and highlights the urgent need for intervention.

A teacher at the school, speaking on condition of anonymity due to fear of victimization, described the daily challenges faced by both staff and students. "Let us stand together to provide these students with the environment they deserve—one that fosters learning, growth, and the realization of their potential," she explained.

Despite efforts to involve parents in fencing the school for added security, significant infrastructure and security gaps remain. Headmaster Frank Boamah is acutely aware of the gravity of the situation but remains committed to continuing education under these circumstances. "It is a difficult situation, but we are trying to ensure that learning continues despite the poor learning facilities," he stated, highlighting the resilience of both staff and students.

Students themselves have voiced their frustrations. First-year student Godswill Nsiah expressed his dissatisfaction with the school's condition. "I am not happy that my school is like this because the environment is not okay. Our library is empty without books, tables, and chairs. Our Assembly and dining halls are empty; even where to sit and eat is a problem. We don’t have a functional library or laboratories. I am appealing to the government to adequately furnish our school and make it conducive for learning," he pleaded.

The Senior Prefect echoed these concerns, emphasizing the lack of furniture and functional ICT labs. "Ours is a terrible state. Students do not have chairs to sit or desks to write on. Our ICT Labs have only four computers to cater for over three thousand students. We are supposed to be a government District Model School, yet we are grappling with basic teaching and learning infrastructure," he said.

Despite commendable efforts by the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) to improve facilities, the growing student population and ongoing wear and tear have outpaced these initiatives. A retired educationist stressed the need for government intervention, arguing that the provision of instructional materials and the renovation of existing buildings are crucial to keeping schools like Bueman Senior High alive.

Meanwhile, on December 24, 2019, the Ministry of Education awarded a contract worth GHS84,409,658.00 for the supply, installation, and maintenance of Wi-Fi internet connectivity to all educational institutions in the country, with a total recurring monthly cost of GHS6,373,013.44.

The story of Bueman Senior High School is an evocative reminder of the educational challenges faced by many public schools across Ghana. It is a clarion call to the government, stakeholders, and society to invest in the future of these young minds. Adequate infrastructure and learning facilities are not luxuries but necessities that can transform lives and communities. As the voices of Bueman Senior High School plead for help, we must respond to ensure that no child's education is compromised by poor infrastructure. Let us stand together to provide these students with the environment they deserve—one that fosters learning, growth, and the realization of their dreams.