Wednesday, 29 March

CSSPS has taken away our protocol powers – MP

Dr Kwabena Mintah Nyarko, NDC MP for Cape Coast North

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Cape Coast North Constituency in the Central Region has bemoaned the rate at which the Computerised School Selection Placement System (CSSPS) as part of the introduction of the Free Senior High School (Free SHS) is rendering many members of Parliament powerless.

According to him, many MPs are suffering as a result of the introduction of the CSSPS.

The system, he explained, has rendered many of my colleagues powerless in the education sector of the economy.

“Now MPs do not have power over secondary school placement in their various constituencies,” he noted.

He said what is worrying is that some MPs are not given protocol admissions whilst others who are closer to the sector Minister are given.

“This year, I have not been given any protocol admission from the elite schools in my constituency,” he narrated.

Dr Kwabena Mintah Nyarko expressed his frustrations in an interview on the Ghana Yensom morning show hosted by Odehyeeba Kofi Essuman on Accra 100.5 FM on March 1, 2023.

'As I sit here, I get calls from my constituency [members] wanting me to assist them to get school placement from some of the schools in the constituency and cannot assist them because I don’t have the power to do so,” he bemoaned.

He called on the sector minister to ensure all MPs have access to the placement system.

He said this will ease some pressure on these MPs during placements. 

“I have submitted some names to some of the elite schools in my constituency and have not received any response from them.

“This is the situation some of my colleagues find themselves in,” he said.

He also expressed worry about how the Free SHS over time is becoming expensive with the introduction of an expensive prospectus.

 He complained about the situation where students are placed outside of their area and appealed that the CSSPS should be made to place students in schools they could commute to.

Source: Mensah