Tuesday, 25 February

Goil, Ho Rotary club solve TASEC water problems

The Rotary club of Ho and GOIL Ghana have provided 10,000 litres of water as well as treatment and storage facilities to the Taviefe Senior High School in the Ho Municipality of the Volta Region.

The students and the staff, since the inception of the school, have had to drink from a nearby stream which dries up in the harmattan season and makes life unbearable for the students who spend hours combing the village for water.

Two separate boreholes sunk for the school have not helped matters as they produce water contaminated with metallic particles that renders it unhealthy for consumption.

The headteacher of the school, Mr Nicholas Amuzu, told the media that the school lost all hope of getting potable water subsequently.

"When I resumed office, water was our major problem. Fortunately, we had a borehole which was not mechanised but the MP, Benjamin Kpodo came to mechanise the borehole for us but we still could not drink it or cook with it, so, we had almost given up. Our students had to spend hours fetching from the stream or we pay so much to buy from the Ghana Water Company for use in the school's kitchen until the Rotary Club’s intervention,” he said.

The immediate past president of the Rotary Club of Ho, Joseph Dzamesi told the media that the club was saddened by how the water situation was affecting the students and their studies.

"As we were thinking through our project for the year, our attention was drawn to the situation of the students of Taviefe Senior High School in terms of water. Most of them have to go to the town to fetch from a puddle of water. There are boreholes which yield nothing drinkable and that makes it difficult for the children to stay in school and also for the teachers to stay on campus, thereby affecting discipline and ultimately affecting academic work of the children... We contacted a couple of corporate organisations and fortunately, Goil Ghana came in to support us, provide potable water for TASEC and we are all happy about it", Mr Dzamesi noted.

The GHS30,000 project includes two 5,000-litre tanks, a treatment plant with a filter media, a booster pump and a fetching point.

The school prefect, Atini Castro Abel, who spoke on behalf of the students said the intervention will keep them in class and spare them the health hazards that come with using unsafe water.

Source: Ghana/ClassFMonline.com/91.3FM

Source: Laud Nartey