Thursday, 30 May

Hilla Liman University begs for students accommodation

Dr Hilla Limann Technical University

The Vice Chancellor of Dr Hila Liman Technical University in Wa, Professor Elias Sowley, has made a fervent appeal to both the government and private entrepreneurs to invest in accommodation infrastructure within the university premises. 

This plea comes amidst discussions at the ongoing Public Accounts Committee in Tamale, the Northern regional capital, where the institution presented its financial status.

During the committee session, the University's Director of Finance, Karim Kuuri, highlighted that some students were diverting their fees towards purchasing mobile phones and motorbikes for personal and romantic purposes. 

This misuse of funds prompted the institution to implement stricter measures to ensure fee collection efficiency.

Professor Elias Sowley, the Vice Chancellor, emphasised that the primary challenge facing the institution was the severe shortage of accommodation, which is significantly impacting student enrollment rates.

Despite the introduction of 10 new degree programmes, the university continues to face difficulty in attracting students due to the lack of on-campus housing facilities.

Professor Sowley took the opportunity to call upon both the government and private sector to invest in the construction of accommodation facilities within the university premises. 

He stressed that addressing this critical issue is essential for enhancing student enrollment and ensuring the university's continued growth and development.

The Chancellor's appeal underscores the urgent need for investment in infrastructure to support the academic aspirations of students and facilitate the university's mission of providing quality education.

Source: Mensah