Friday, 19 July

Labone SHS battery: Ghana Education Service petitioned

Labone SHS

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has been petitioned to investigate an alleged physical assault on a form three student, Master Abraham Sambou, at Labone Senior High School in Greater Accra Region by the Senior Housemaster, Mr. Eric Agyemang, also known as "Power."

In a formal petition, Sambou’s family alleges that on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, Mr. Agyemang slapped their ward following a false accusation by the school prefect, Blessing Elisha Nyamekye, of using a mobile phone and refusing to hand it over.

Master Sambou, who denied the allegations, was subsequently barred from attending classes and detained in the Senior Housemaster’s office without food or water until 2 p.m., when his family arrived to meet with the school management.

The petition further reveals that following the incident, Master Sambou was indefinitely expelled from the boarding house without due process.

 This expulsion poses significant challenges for the family, as Sambou would have to commute daily from Kasoa in the Central Region to Labone in Accra.

The family expressed deep concern over the mistreatment of Master Sambou, who is in his final year and preparing for the WASSCE. 

They reported that Master Sambou has been experiencing severe headaches and pain in his left ear and left eye, necessitating treatment at the Amanfro Polyclinic.

The petition highlights that during a meeting with the school’s management, Mr. Agyemang admitted to slapping Master Sambou, justifying his actions by claiming Master Sambou lied about his father’s availability. 

The Headmistress, Mrs. Rejoice Aku Acorlor, allegedly supported Mr. Agyemang’s actions, stating that she would have acted even more harshly.

The family also raised concerns about a photograph on Mr. Agyemang’s WhatsApp profile showing him holding a gun, questioning his suitability as a peer educator and role model for students. 

They cited this as further evidence of his intimidating demeanour and unsuitability for a supervisory role in an educational setting.

The family has called for the GES and Ministry of Education to conduct a full and impartial investigation into the incident, revoking Master Sambou’s unwarranted expulsion, hold Mr. Agyemang accountable for his actions, and monitor the conduct of Mrs. Acorlor to ensure the fair treatment of students. 

They also expressed concerns about Mr. Agyemang’s continued physical abuse and unjust treatment of students, citing reports of his involvement in other incidents of physical punishment and intimidation.

The petition emphasizes the need for swift action to protect students’ rights and ensure a safe and conducive learning environment at Labone Senior High School.

Source: Mensah