Friday, 19 July

Labone SHS battery: Parent speaks against PTA’s bias

Labone SHS

In a strongly worded rejoinder, Mrs. Fatima Sambou, a parent at Labone Senior High School, has called out the Vice Chairman of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Mr. William Seddor, for how he is handling a disciplinary issue involving her son, Abraham Sambou.

Mr Seddor is alleged to have supported the school’s decision to suspend Mrs Sambou’s son for allegedly bringing a mobile phone to the dormitory without investigating the veracity of the claim. 

In a letter Mrs Sambou urged Mr. Seddor and his team to review the Ghana Education Service (GES) Guidelines for Parent Associations to understand their role better.

"The statements made by Mr. Seddor indicate a clear bias in handling this situation," Mrs. Sambou wrote.

 "The PTA should act as a neutral body that mediates fairly between the school administration and parents. The principle of natural justice demands fair hearing and unbiased treatment for all involved parties."

Mrs. Sambou detailed several points in her letter, highlighting the need for impartiality and fairness in the PTA's actions.

Mrs. Sambou mentioned that her son's guardian, Mrs. Raissa Ebu, had submitted a petition to both the PTA and the Ministry of Education.

She questioned the absence of any evidence proving that her son possessed a mobile phone, as alleged by the school prefect, senior house master, and headmistress.

Mrs. Sambou expressed concern about the physical and emotional harm her son had endured, questioning why there was no concern for these issues and emphasizing the need for fairness.

 She criticized the dismissal of their petition as a "false publication" without a thorough investigation or evidence.

 Mrs. Sambou stressed that the PTA represents all parents and must act impartially.

She highlighted that her son has been at home and had to attend the hospital while those responsible for his harm are protected.

Mrs. Sambou questioned when gag orders on PTA members became a practice.

She inquired whether the PTA overrides the disciplinary committee's due process.

Mrs. Sambou asked about the steps taken since the incident, including the status of her son and the actions of the disciplinary committee.

She clarified that they were advised by a high-ranking Ministry of Education official to pursue police action regarding the assault.

Mrs. Sambou noted that her goal is not to disrupt the school's functioning but to ensure just and humane treatment for all students. 

"Our intention is not to disrupt the school's functioning or unfairly target individuals. Our goal is to ensure that all students, including my son and your children, receive just and humane treatment," she wrote.

She called for a transparent investigation and constructive dialogue to resolve the matter amicably, hoping the incident would lead to improved handling of disciplinary issues and communication within the school community

Source: Mensah