Monday, 17 June

NPP parliamentary candidate inspires youth at quiz competition

Dr. Joseph Gerald Tetteh Nyanyofio presenting books to the contesttants

On November 15, 2023, Dr. Joseph Gerald Tetteh Nyanyofio, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for La Dadekotopon Constituency, took on the role of the Special Guest of Honour at the Annual Constitution/LaDMA Bye Laws Quiz Competition.

The event, held at the Tenashie School Complex and organised by the National Commission on Civic Education, LaDMA Office, brought together contestants from six schools in the Municipality.

Dr. Nyanyofio praised the contestants, describing their quality as enormous. The participating schools included Association Community Model School, 5BN JHS, Tenashie JHS, Wireless 5 JHS, Airforce JHS, and Enobal JHS.

During his address, Dr. Nyanyofio not only commended the students but also urged them and their supporters to prioritise studiousness and embrace values that contribute to success in life.

He shared his vision for education and emphasised his sincere commitment to the intellectual development of the youth, assuring them that the investments made in their education would yield significant returns.

True to his commitment to the "one storybook per child project," Dr. Nyanyofio concluded the contest by generously donating reading materials to each contestant. This initiative aligns with his broader goal to promote a culture of reading and lifelong learning in the constituency.

Looking ahead, the parliamentary candidate expressed a long-term vision for the quiz competition. He aspires to see it organised throughout the year, with live broadcasts on local radio networks. This strategic move aims to further enhance the promotion of reading culture and lifelong learning within the constituency.