Friday, 23 February

SHS placement: Edu Min encourages parents to actively engage in their wards' school choices

Larry George Botchway, Principal Information Officer at the Ministry of Education

Madam Afrah Mensah, during a phone conversation with the host of the Transformation Agenda Series on Education, Rev Abraham Edward Aidoo, December 2, 2023, on Class 91.3 FM, highlighted the existence of national solution centers at the GNAT Hall, where parents address placement issues such as changing schools or programmes.

Gender discrepancies and self-placement centers for students facing placement challenges are also discussed and resolved.

The surge in STEM enrollment is attributed to the emphasis on STEM education.

December 4 marks admission activities, including registration and orientation, with actual academic work commencing in the following year.

Mr Larry George Botchway, Principal Information Officer at the Ministry of Education, shared that out of 589,839 West African Examination Council (WAEC) results, 585,797 candidates qualified, with 47,772 automatically placed in their preferred choices.

Approximately 18% qualified for self-placement.

Mr Botchway encouraged parents to actively engage in their wards' school choices, highlighting that issues arise from parents not participating in school selection or facing unexpected transfers.

“The lack of parental involvement in school selection is a recurring problem at solution centers.

“Despite spending hours seeking changes, some parents delegate school selection to teachers,” Mr Botchway said.

He, therefore, urged parents to take a keen interest in their wards' education, emphasising that the self-placement system operates based on aggregates.

He noted STEM education's popularity, with an appeal for parental involvement in selecting schools.

Mr Larry George Botchway highlighted the computerised system's dynamics, where raw scores influence placement over aggregate alone.

“The increasing interest in STEM education is commended, with TVET schools experiencing over 100% subscription last year,” he noted.

Mr Larry George Botchway reassured that every qualified student will be placed in a Senior High School, addressing potential excess vacancies.

TVET schools' innovations showcase the success of encouraging parents to consider technical education.

The Education Ministry, led by Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum, has long emphasised the role of education in socio-economic development.