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Schools placement system ‘poor’ politicians are deceiving us – Parent laments

A parent however bemoaned the “poor” nature of the CSSPS

While some parents have commended the Akufo-Addo-led government for initiating the free Senior High School (SHS) system, others are blaming government for the issues associated with the Computerised Schools Selection Placement System (CSSPS).

Parents of prospective SHS students who have not been placed in any school of their choice, today, Friday, 17 February 2023, besieged the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) hall, where a regional resolution centre has been set up to address problems related to the CSSPS system.

Some parents and guardians of wards affected by the placement system shared their experiences at the resolution centre with Class News’ Jess Jessica Akuah Ampim. 

A parent however bemoaned the “poor” nature of the CSSPS.

“We’ve been independent for 66 years now, how do we... struggle for admission into secondary schools? Somebody is having aggregate 8 yet there is no school for the person,” he bemoaned.

On students who were not placed in schools having to re-choose schools again, he described the system as poor and blamed the deceit of politicians.

“Who is to choose for the child? Already he has made his or her choice. Even somebody was asked to go to a day school whereas the parents are not available there. How is she going to hire a room and you know the economic situation in the country now?

“So the whole system is poor. Politicians are deceiving us. No, this is not a matter of protocol. Politicians are deceiving us. You see they announced that this is 100 percent placement," he added.

He also expressed worry over the students having to report to their schools by February 20, while there are still unresolved issues with the placement system.

“And when [when will they resolve the placement issues]? The school is yet to reopen on the 20th of this month. 

“So the whole system is poor? What are the preparations? So Politicians are deceiving us the parents," he charged.

Another parent, Veronica Anang, who resides in the Volta Region, but came to visit her sister in Accra and noticed her grandchild had a problem with her school narrated that: “We came to GNAT hall, when we came within 20 minutes, everything has been done [for] us. We thank the government [president] for the good work he’s doing for us. 

“Also we thank him for giving us the free education because without that some of us cannot get money to send our daughter to school. So we say congratulations to the government for the good work."

Benjamin Seyram Akorli also indicated the stress-free nature of reporting complaints at the resolution centre.

He said: “I’m here to find a school for my brother because he was not enrolled [in] any school. So when we got here we were asked to state the issue on the paper, the placement form and then select three schools.

“The programme of choice and residential status and then our name and then we submitted it and then they asked us to go and check on the portal in three days' time."

He revealed that: “I thought it was going to be stressful but it wasn’t stressful.”


There are Regional resolution centres across the country in districts and second cycle institutions set up to address all issues regarding the SHS placement.

Source: Adiku