Wednesday, 21 February

'Untimely, rushed' Dec. 4 reopening date putting pressure on students, parents - PNC urges GES to listen to Bagbin's postponement request

PNC General Secretary Janet Nabla

The People's National Convention (PNC) has expresses "deep concern" regarding the "untimely and rushed" approach adopted by the Ghana Education Service (GES) in "pressuring" first-year students and their parents to report to schools "merely three days after releasing school placements".

A statement signed by PNC General Secretary Janet Nabla said "this sense of urgency is concerning, considering that a vast majority, approximately 70% of students, have been placed in schools they did not choose". 

Moreover, she said "it is unfortunate that certain students have found themselves placed outside their regions or vicinities with no prior consultation or input from them".

Furthermore, the PNC noted that "parents are grappling with the mammoth task of finding the necessary financial resources to cater to the associated responsibilities".

"It is undeniable that such an abrupt and unreasonable expectation puts undue strain on families", the PNC said.

The party said it "firmly believes that the Ghana Education Service should give due attention to the voice of the Speaker of Parliament, as they are the representatives of the people".

Speaker Alban Bagbin had hauled Education Minister Yaw Adutwum to Parliament over the matter.

He was billed to appear on the same day, Mknday, 4 December 2023, which the students are aupposed to report to school.

The GES had also issued a ststement insisting on the reopening date despite pleas from teacher unions and parent-teacher associations to delay the reopening date.

Adding its voice to the calls for a delay in the reoping date, the PNC "recommends that the Ghana Education Service consider postponing the reporting deadline to January 3rd". 

It explained: "This extension would offer both parents and students sufficient time to adequately prepare for the upcoming academic year, thereby alleviating the stress and anxiety caused by the current situation".

Also, the party urged the Ghana Education Service to "prioritise the well-being and academic success of students and make a concerted effort to address the concerns raised". 

"This will ensure that the education system remains inclusive, fair, and accessible to all Ghanaian children, without leaving others behind", the party insisted.

It pointed out that the "future of our educational system depends on collaborative efforts between the GES, parents, and students, without allowing any party to become too powerful and abuse the others".