Sunday, 14 July

We welcome self-placement system for qualified teachers – EDUWATCH lauds GES

Dr. Nkansah emphasised that the system is designed to allocate new teachers to schools with the most significant deficits

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has earned praise from Education Policy Research and Advocacy Organisation, Africa Education Watch, (EDUWATCH) for its newly introduced self-placement system for newly qualified teachers.

This initiative, launched by GES Director-General Dr. Eric Nkansah at a recent press conference, aims to address the critical issue of teacher shortages in schools across the nation.

Dr. Nkansah emphasised that the system is designed to allocate new teachers to schools with the most significant deficits, promoting a more equitable distribution of educational resources.

In a statement, EDUWATCH lauded the initiative, highlighting its potential to fill the gap in “over 5,000 primary school classrooms without teachers at a time when Ghana statistically has more teachers than needed.”

EDUWATCH committed to supporting the system's implementation by collaborating with relevant stakeholders to alleviate the burden on districts with severe teacher shortages.

“We welcome the newly announced self-placement module for posting newly recruited teachers. It is our firm conviction that, if the system is transparent and allowed to function effectively as intended, Ghana’s teacher posting inequities would be significantly addressed," the statement read.

It further underscored its dedication to supporting the GES by monitoring the rollout in areas with the highest teacher deficits, such as Tatale Sanguli, Nanumba North, North East Gonja, Tolon, Yendi, Biakoye, Brekum West, Garu, Nadowli Kaleo, Bunkpurugu, Nakpanduri, Sene West, and Central Gonja.

 These regions face significant shortages at the kindergarten (86%) and primary school (73 per cent) levels.

"It is our expectation that our monitoring and feedback will help strengthen system effectiveness," the statement added.

The think tank also called on the GES to ensure transparency throughout the recruitment process to guarantee the system's success and equitable teacher distribution.

“We call for a transparent and accountable management of the new system, and an enhanced collaboration between the GES, Civil Society Organisations, Teacher Unions, School Management Committees, Parents, Members of Parliament, and Local Governments to ensure the system works effectively in ensuring every child in Ghana has access to a teacher,” EDUWATCH stated.




Source: Adiku