Friday, 19 July

Akyem Batabi: Collapsed church building constructed with weak concrete, expired permit – Report

General News
Voluteers trying to rescue trapped church members from the collapsed building

A report by the four-member committee set up to investigate the cause of the collapse of the Church of Prosperity in Akyem Batabi in the Eastern Region has cited poor quality workmanship and institutional failure.

According to the key findings of the report put together by the committee from the Institution of Engineering and Technology-Ghana (IET-GH), the four-storey building “was constructed with very weak concrete strength of 12.00N\mm² averagely for structural elements.”

The report also found that the building was constructed with an expired permit dated in the year 2000.

The permit, which was acquired from the Birim Central Municipal Assembly, was meant for a single-storey church building, the report further disclosed.

“In the course of the construction, the church changed the building design to a four-storey building with the Prophet's residence on top, without retrofitting the original foundation meant for a single-storey church auditorium, or without consulting any building professional,” the report further stated.

The Church of Prosperity located in Akyem Batabi, founded by Prophet Akoa Isaac collapsed on 20 October 2020, entrapping and killing 22 members, leaving eight others injured. 

The report stated that one person was also reported missing.