Friday, 22 January

Alleged coup plotters charged with treason felony

General News

The nine persons accused of plotting to destabilise the country have been charged with treason felony by the state.
They were charged on Wednesday, 9 October 2019.
The prosecution said the accused persons are members of an NGO, Take Action Ghana, and they planned to demonstrate, destabilise and topple the government.
The nine include Dr Fredrick Mac Palm, Col Samuel Kodzo Gameli, Geshong Akpa, W.O.2 Esther Doku, Lance Corporal Ali Solomon, Lance Corporal Albert Baba Ibrahim, Lance Corporal Sylvester Akapewon, Bright Alan Debrah and Corporal Seidu Abubakar.
The coup suspects are being held in the custody of the Bureau of National Investigations.
They were arrested after a 15-month-long surveillance by the state security agencies led to the scuttling of their alleged treasonable intentions.