Friday, 08 December

Boat disaster: 7 fishermen missing

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Boat sinking

Two fishing boats, Shalorm and Barcelona, on Thursday, 14 September 2023, capsized while attempting to navigate the entrance of the Volta River.

The tragedy has left a total of seven fishermen missing, their fate shrouded in uncertainty.

The ill-fated boats, Shalorm and Barcelona, were carrying a combined total of 19 fishermen on that fateful day. The fishermen had set out for a fishing expedition, but their return took a devastating turn when they encountered a formidable tidal wave, causing their boats to capsize.

The Shalorm was carrying 11 individuals, and while 10 have been accounted for, one is still missing, adding to the grim toll of this calamity. On the Barcelona, which had eight people on board, two have been rescued, but six remain unaccounted for, leaving their families and the community desperately hoping for a miracle.

In response to this tragedy, a concerted effort is underway to locate and rescue the missing fishermen. Both the Navy and a dedicated community search team are working tirelessly to scour the area, holding onto a glimmer of hope that they will find the seven missing individuals and reunite them with their families.

Source: Mensah