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Choose careers that suit your personality – HR Specialist to jobseekers

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A Human Resource Consultant, Ivy Yayra Tessu, has urged jobseekers to choose careers that suit their personality.

According to her, one’s personality plays a huge role in their job performance, thus, people must choose careers that match their personality.

Ms Tessu, who was speaking on the Executive Breakfast Show (EBS) on Class91.3FM on Wednesday, 22 May 2019, told Benjamin Akakpo that: “In HR, certain roles go with certain personalities. For instance, you’re an accounts person, you’re supposed to maintain a certain demeanour because you deal with figures. So, most accountants are not very hyper, they’re very calm, they’re too serious and that kind of personality.

“But somebody like a marketing person, you should be very friendly, you should be bubbly, you should be exciting and you should be able to make friends easily; they are all over the place. When they enter into the office, everybody knows they’re in. So, the personality goes with your role.”

She emphasised the need for the youth to choose careers that suit their personality since it aligns with their talent.

“That is why what we do is that we go to the secondary schools, and we teach them how to even come up with their career, the career that suits your personality, because when the career suits your personality and it aligns with your talent, it comes to you naturally, you excel in that path.

“You should make sure that you have a personality that goes with your role. You have a marketing and sales person who is very quiet, so, how do you reach out to people, how do you talk to people? You see people, you’re not nice, very gloomy. Somebody who sits at your front desk should be very lively, should have this natural smile, you shouldn’t force to smile. So, those are the kind of personalities that go with the roles.”

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