Thursday, 28 September

Commercial drivers threaten 15% hike in fares

General News
The Association is considering a 15 per cent hike in fares following the recent increase in fuel prices

The Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana (c-DAG) have hinted at plans to increase transport fares.

The Association is considering a 15 per cent hike in fares following the recent increase in fuel prices.

A statement issued by the association said: “We have learnt with regret the continued increment of prices of goods and services in the country.

“Much to our dismay, sellers have failed to reduce the prices of their goods even after we reduced transport fares by 15 per cent. The prices of foodstuffs and vegetables keeps soaring at the various local markets. A development that our earnings cannot compensate.”

The association bemoaned the high prices of books and stationery following the resumption of the academic year.

“We have become more startled even as a result of the prices of stationery, that which we have experienced at the reopening of schools. We learnt with an utmost shock, the levels at which the prices of exercise, notes and textbooks at the various bookshops [have been increased].

“We are really wobbling in a difficult situation to provide these kind of books for our children. Government has also failed to keep stable the prices of petrol and the dollar rate,” the association stated.

The association noted that: “There's been some levels of increment in the prices of petrol with an imminent increment expected at the beginning of February as forecast by experts.”

It further noted that: “The prices of lubricants and spare parts have also not been reduced. Our colleagues in the transport sector chain who sell spare parts at Abossey Okai have made it clear to us that they are not able to reduce their prices as a result of the dollar rate.

“Even though we reduced transport fares not too long ago, we have determined that we have placed ourselves at a disadvantaged position.

“On top of our predicament, the government through the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) announced a 29.96 per cent and 8.3 per cent in electricity and water tariffs respectively.”

It added that at this stage, they are left with no option but to reintroduce a 15 percent increment in transport fares.