Sunday, 22 May

E/R: Kpong residents angry with ECG for replacing post-paid metres with pre-paid

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ECG personnel installing pre-paid metres at Kpong

Some residents and business operators at Kpong in the Eastern Region have expressed their displeasure with the installation of pre-paid metres at their homes and businesses.

According to the residents, personnel from the Electricity Company of Ghana visited their homes and businesses on Friday, May 6, 2022, to change “our post-paid metres to pre-paid ones”.

Ms Babane Erica Afi, a Director at Alfa Brown Construction Limited, told Class91.3FM in an interview that even though the pre-paid metre is not a bad thing, it will adversely affect her block factory business.

She said when the factory runs out of electricity credit while moulding blocks, the cement will dry up.

The Assemblyman for the Kpong–Ahudzo electoral area, Mr Raymond Gborson, also complained: “I think ECG wants to take us for granted”, explaining that they were not engaged “before the installation”.

“We requested for the pre-paid metres but ECG must know that the people must be made to understand why they are being moved from their comfort zone to a different comfort zone”, he stressed.

He said all the 31 Assembly members in the municipality met at the instance of the National Security Secretariat a few days ago and it was decided that the people must be educated on the need to change from post-paid to pre-paid metres but no such sensitisation was done. 

Source: Mensah