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Emergency contraceptives not for family planning – Bogoso Queen mother

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The Queen mother of the Bogoso traditional area, Nana Adwoa Tanaa II has bemoaned the use of emergency contraceptive pills by women for family planning.

She said the health implications could be dire.

Emergency contraceptive pills are birth control measures that may be used after sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy.

Speaking on Kidz Zone on Class91.3FM on Saturday, 18 May 2019, the queen mother told show host Bishop Abraham Aidoo that: “The emergency contraceptive; that is the problem I now see. The woman doesn’t want to have a child and, so, she decides to indulge in sexual activities but then she knows she’s fertile, she decides to go and get an emergency contraceptive and she takes it. I know for sure that you cannot use that thing continuously, it shouldn’t be a family planning method because there are lots of health implications if you abuse it”.

“People take it like twice, three times in a cycle and it’s so bad. Even when you take it once, I know some women experience excessive bleeding, so, just imagine taking it several times in a cycle, it shouldn’t be an option. It’s just an emergency thing and that is it.”

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Source: Elikem Adiku