Thursday, 30 May

Fuel price hike: Drivers to strike again Dec 29

General News
Commercial drivers went on strike recently

The National Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana has announced a nationwide strike on 29 December 2021 to protest against the hike in fuel prices.

The concerned drivers said the demonstration is not to punish their customers but rather “to seek the interest of all of us.”

The drivers want the government to cut taxes on petroleum to help reduce the price of fuel.

“If the government do not cut off these nuisance taxes, then we would have to increase the prices of our fares which we don't want to, due to the poor state of our economy,” the drivers said in a statement.  

The taxes according to the drivers are:

Luxury car tax

Two per cent component of Special Import Levy

Increased ESLA by 30%

Price Stabilisation and Recovery Levy on fuel increased by 40%

The Unified Petroleum Pricing Formula has been increased by 164%

BOST margin has increased from 3 Pesewas to 9 Pesewas representing a 200% increase

Fuel marking margin levy increased by another 233%.

The drivers, earlier on Monday, 6 December 2021, embarked on strike over the same concern but called it off when the president invited their leaders for a meeting.