Friday, 30 July

Greening Ghana: Continuous supply of seedlings'll sustain initiative – DI boss

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Dr Tsiboe-Darko planting a tree


The new Executive Director of the Danquah Institute (DI), Dr Antoinette Tsiboe-Darko, has said one of the main ways to sustain the Green Ghana Project is to constantly supply seedlings for planting.

According to Dr Tsiboe-Darko, who serves on the Advisory Board of the Ministry for Lands and Natural Resources, “next year, the demand would be higher”, noting: “People who did not participate this year would want to join next year and some would have even prepared areas where they would want to get seedlings to go and plant”.

She also noted that the project will be one of the best initiatives to curb deforestation across the country.

Dr Antoinette Tsiboe-Darko on Friday, 11 June 2021, led a team from the Institute to plant seedlings within its jurisdiction as a contribution toward the Green Ghana Project.

The project is aimed at planting five million trees in a day across the country.

Dr Tsiboe-Darko further stated: “There are spices of trees that do not exist anymore in Ghana and if we want to start preserving the legacy or teaching the future generations that it is important that as you cut, you grow then I think these initiatives would really help.”

She also indicated that the project would bring about some form of commercial revenue.

“My experience tells me that this is the right way to go; I am sure everybody agrees with me. But above all these, I think we are adding commercial value to it. Today, what we have planted here – we have coconut and oranges – it will feed people. So, it is not just about planting a tree that gives shade, it is also about planting a tree that will give you some fruits and I think all those are essential aspects of the exercise that is happening across the country today.”

In an address ahead of the tree-planting exercise slated for Friday, 11 June, the President noted that illegal mining has left detrimental effects on the environment.

As such, everyone must support the effort to regain the enormous forest cover that the nation had some decades ago.

Highlighting the importance of trees, the President stressed that the survival of human beings is based on the existence of trees.

“We cannot sit by and watch as our trees, flora and fauna are wiped out. Our very existence is tied directly to the survival of trees. Without the oxygen produced by trees, we cannot survive as humans.

“So, on Friday, June 11, the tree-planting exercise will ensure that we are not only sowing seeds just for one day, but also for generations to come. I urge all Ghanaians to join this clarion call and help preserve our environment,” he stated.

The President further noted that the exercise must not be one-off, stressing the need for nurturing in order for the planted trees to grow.

“Lend your support to the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources as it executes this ambitious national assignment. I will be planting a tree and I expect you too to plant one. Let us make Ghana green,” the President charged.

In April 2021, the Lands and Natural Resources Ministry launched a Green Ghana initiative which aims to plant 5 million trees in a single day across the country.

The initiative is part of a strategy to embark on aggressive afforestation to protect forests and the environment in Ghana.

Dr Tsiboe-Darko's appointment by the Governing Board of the Danquah Institute makes her the first woman to lead the think tank.

Her mandate is to lead the institute by promoting the ideology of the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition, fostering responsible and responsive governance, and espousing the virtues of economic freedom, individual liberties and responsibilities in a progressive society of opportunities for all.

She is also expected to undertake important research, policy advocacy, and training and to position the institute firmly in the promotion of a single market in Africa.

“It is a collaboration between party and think tank which we hope to firm up under Annie’s leadership,” the chairman of the Governing Board of DI, Prof Mike Oquaye said.

 Dr Tsiboe-Darko lectures in Social and Public Policy at the graduate level at the University of Ghana.

She is a Christian and is married with four children. She loves to write, read, dance and to listen to music.

“I’m excited by Annie’s appointment. She is a fantastic researcher, communicator and, even more importantly for me, she is determined to help guide the youth from following political parties for direct material gain to one of ideological loyalty, a loyalty based on principles and shared beliefs on how our society must be governed and function,” a member of the Governing Board, Madam Elizabeth Ohene said.