Thursday, 30 May

Labour threatens strike over unpaid pensions

General News
Organized Labour

Organised Labour has issued a warning of a potential strike on May 2, 2024, should the government fail to fulfil its obligation to pay the tier-2 pensions of its members. 

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) and its affiliated unions have reiterated their demands, stating that despite numerous appeals, the government has ignored their pleas.

Dr. Anthony Yaw Baah, Secretary-General of the TUC, stressed that with the government's continued inaction, Organised Labour sees no alternative but to resort to strike action. 

He highlighted that public sector unions have already given notice of their intent to strike if no progress is made regarding the payment of the second tier on April 30".

“You may know that the public sector unions under the forum have already given notice that on the 2nd of May, if they don’t hear anything about the payment of this second tier on the 30th of April, they will strike".

“We will want to send this notice to the government that if by the 30th of April they don’t do anything about this our second tier, on the 2nd of May we will all join the forum. I can imagine what will happen in this country if they allow this thing to happen.”

ln a related development, the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has expressed deep concern over the government's alleged failure to pay mandatory contributions for over 700,000 Ghanaian workers. 

NAGRAT President Angel Carbonu accused the government of financial misconduct during a press conference, specifically citing the non-payment of Tier 2 pension scheme contributions and other third-party deductions since July 2023.

Mr. Carbonu emphasised that these deductions are being made from workers' salaries but are not reaching the designated institutions, raising serious doubts about the financial security of these workers, particularly upon retirement