Thursday, 30 May

No interference: I’ll let EOCO, OSP deal with my corrupt appointees – Mahama

General News
Former President John Mahama

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr John Dramani Mahama, has made a resolute declaration against corruption, asserting his unwavering commitment to accountability should he be elected president in the forthcoming December polls.

Speaking during an engagement with members of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), the former president urged Ghanaian citizens to demand transparency and responsibility from their leaders.

In the event of a victory in the general elections, Mr Mahama pledged to institute an independent valuation office aimed at ensuring prudent expenditure and value for money in procurement processes.

He underscored his firm stance that any of his appointees implicated in corrupt practices would face legal repercussions, emphasising his prioritisation of the national interest over personal affiliations.

Highlighting the impact of fiscal mismanagement on citizens, Mr Mahama stressed the need for rigorous oversight, proposing thorough value-for-money audits for sole-sourcing contracts to prevent financial exploitation.

Furthermore, he affirmed his commitment to combat corruption and uphold the autonomy of anti-corruption institutions, asserting that individuals found exploiting the country would be held accountable.

Mr Mahama concluded by emphasising his administration's adherence to due process, asserting that ministers failing to perform their duties ethically would face scrutiny from investigative bodies, with no interference from his office.

“One of the reasons why you [GUTA] are suffering in terms of imposition of revenue and taxes is because of the expenditure side. Suppose the government is raising the money and misusing it through sole-sourcing, procurement and so forth; in that case, it is your taxpayers’ money that is being wasted and, so, we must take an interest in that that is why I have suggested that we are going to have an independent valuation office and any sole sourcing contract must go for value-for-money audit to make sure that it has not been inflated.”

“Aside from that, we must make sure that we cut down on corruption and allow the anti-corruption institutions to work."

“If people have taken advantage of the country, they must be dealt with, and that is why I said when I come into the office and I am swearing in the ministers, I will caution them, and if they don’t listen and do not do their work well and EOCO or OSP come after you, I am not a clearing agent and I won’t interfere and I will let them do their work,” Mr Mahama said.