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Okaikoi addresses climate change and sustainable solutions at ALC

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Mr Andrews Okaikoi

The 2024 Asian Leadership Conference (ALC), held on May 22-23, 2024, in Seoul, South Korea, gathered esteemed leaders, policymakers, and experts from Asia and beyond to discuss pressing global issues. 

This year's conference, themed "The Era of Hyper-Uncertainty: Innovative Leadership for the New Future," focused on urgent environmental challenges and sustainable future solutions.

The conference featured a diverse array of speakers, including Andrew Okaikoi from Ghana, renowned for his advocacy on disability issues.

 Other notable speakers included Mike Pompeo (former United States Secretary of State), Jacinda Ardern (former Prime Minister of New Zealand), Nikolaus von Liechtenstein (Prince of Liechtenstein), and Ryu Hong Lim (President of Seoul National University).

Mr Andrew Okaikoi emphasized the global nature of climate change and the importance of international cooperation, particularly for Ghana. 

He highlighted the economic and environmental challenges Ghana faces due to climate change and the critical need for effective mitigation strategies. 

Mr Okaikoi also underscored the increased vulnerability of people with disabilities to climate-related challenges.

In his speech, Mr Okaikoi detailed how unpredictable weather patterns, droughts, and floods are adversely affecting Ghana’s economy, particularly the agricultural sector. Cocoa production, a primary export, is at risk due to climate change, causing food insecurity and threatening livelihoods. 

Health problems and the spread of diseases like cholera and malaria are exacerbated by rising temperatures and humidity. 

Coastal erosion further endangers homes, infrastructure, and livelihoods.

Despite these challenges, Ghana has implemented a National Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan. 

This plan aims to strengthen early warning systems for extreme weather, promote climate-smart agriculture, and improve water management.

Additionally, Ghana has initiated an ambitious tree-planting exercise, aiming to plant about a million trees annually to support afforestation efforts.

The conference featured a series of panel discussions, workshops, and keynote speeches aimed at fostering dialogue and collaboration. 

Mr Okaikoi stressed the importance of unified global action: "Climate change is a global challenge that requires a global response

Source: Mensah