Wednesday, 22 May

People are thanking us for our operation at Ashaiman – GAF

General News
Brigadier General Eric Aggrey-Quarshie

The Director General of Public Affairs of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), Brigadier General Eric Aggrey-Quarshie has disclosed that the military have been applauded by a section of Ghanaians for its raid on some residents of Ashaiman over the death of a soldier.


The military in a sanctioned operation some weeks ago descended on some residents of Ashaiman at dawn and subjected them to brutalities after one of their own, Trooper Imoro, was killed in the area by thugs who accosted him for his phone and bag at night.

The action of the military has been widely condemned.

But speaking at the Annual General Meeting and National Public Relations and Communication Summit of the Institute of Public Relations (IPR), Ghana, held at Kwahu-Nkwatia in the Eastern Region on the theme: ‘Staying Credible Through Rough Patches,’ Brigadier General Aggrey-Quarshie explained that the soldiers did what they did because Ashaiman has gained notoriety as a den for criminals.

He said, behind the scenes, the military has been patted at the back for its operations, despite the loud public outcry after their operation.

“I am not defending or justifying our actions but the number of calls that I have received and the institution has received, thanking us for the actions in Ashaiman, you won’t believe it.

“People are asking us ‘General, when will you do that again?’ Because, if you live within that enclave and at certain times of the day you couldn’t go to certain areas and these things happen, you will appreciate,” he stated.

Brigadier General Aggrey-Quarshie was of the view that the issue could have been handled differently if the soldiers themselves had not taken pictures and videos and posted them on social media.

“The funny thing is that some of the pictures you saw were taken by soldiers and posted on their Facebook and WhatsApp pages…but for that, some of the issues may not have come out. But I just want you to know that there are a lot of people who are happy that we entered those areas in Ashaiman. Maybe if you live around that place, you will appreciate,” he stressed.